We provide a centralised hub for the effective management of performance-related data across your entire team or organisation, offering the following tools under the world’s most complete Athlete Management System.

Medical and Sports Science

Gain instant access to and update screening/testing data, medical notes and injury details through our…

Coaching & Training

Provides powerful tools for coaches to support player development and professional coaching…


Create and manage an internal scouting database of Target Players by building Player Profiles…

Sports Analytics & Report Engine

Quickly create, run and share automated reports for teams and individuals, using the KPI’s collected…

The Sports Office App

A native cross platform mobile application which connects club, staff and player to deliver key information…

Athlete / Player Registration

Our systems provide an Automated Online Player Registration System for real-time player registration and player…


Operations throughout an entire organisation can be streamlined and coordinated through use of…


Upload whole match footage, team videos or individual clips supporting tagging and playback anayltics to…

Trusted by the world’s largest sporting organisations and governing bodies

We provide league-wide solutions to major sporting organisations, implementing our performance management tool with each of their associated clubs. We are partners with The Premier League, where our athlete management system is used by all 92 Premier League and English Football League academies.

Similar models are in place with the Rugby Football Union, The FA, the English Cricket Board, the Scottish FA, the Irish Rugby Football Union, The FA Womens Super League and the British Horseracing Authority.

The best teams from across the world get ahead, and stay ahead with The Sports Office

Our industry-leading athlete management system is used by the most successful teams and athletes across world sport, including: the EPL, EFL, MLS, Serie A, WSL, NHL, Premiership Rugby, Super League Rugby, Super Rugby, International Rugby, International Cricket, PGA Golf, Elite Sports Colleges, A-League Football, Elite Horseracing, Elite Cycling, the Military and Large Enterprise.

We maximise potential,
preparation and performance

The Sports Office online performance management systems are driven by a centralised database of key data generated by an elite sporting organisation. This makes critical management information easily accessible and dramatically improves communication and accountability between departments and people. The Sports Office delivers benefits for players/athletes, coaches and management.


Our systems have the capability to enable the collection and management of the large volumes of data and information generated within an elite sporting organisation.


They provide the power to mine and analyse this data; to generate insight and support evidence based decision making and effective strategy.


The performance workflow in any elite sporting organisation is optimised. Collective and personalised performance is maximised.

Powerful functionality with an
easy-to-access native app

Our systems provide a centralised hub, which links departments within an elite sporting organisation, allowing for effective use of data to provide insight and intelligence.

  • Maximise PerformanceMaximise PerformanceEvery aspect of the performance cycle is supported, including coaching, sports science, sports medicine, video analysis and strength and conditioning.
  • Improve CommunicationImprove CommunicationCommunication between departments, athletes, coaches, support staff and management is enhanced and made highly efficient.
  • Personalise PreparationPersonalise PreparationOur systems’ extensive athlete monitoring functions enable the implementation of personalised development plans with maximum efficiency.