The Sports Office features on


The Sports Office has recently been featured on – the website providing business news, articles and insight for rugby industry decision makers in the UK and Ireland.

The site carried an interview with Phil Clarke about The Sports Office’s performance management systems for elite rugby clubs.

Phil also discussed the increasing use of statiscal analysis and associated technology and techniques within professional rugby. is free to register for those invloved in the rugby industry

Billy Beane talks to Sports Analytics TV

Sports Analytics TV – our sister organisation – met and interviewed Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane – the man regarded as the founding father of modern sports analytics.

Bean arguably pioneered the use of the discipline in modern high-performance sport as we know it. His amazing story is told in the film produced by Sony Pictures, which is based on the book of the same name by Michael Lewis.

Sports Analytics TV sent a US based reporting team to interview Billy Beane at the Oakland Coliseum and he gave us a range of fascinating opinions.

To learn more about the analytics functionality offered by The Sports Office performance management systems, please contact us.