TSO take on Toronto

The Sports Office Client Managers have recently visited Toronto to meet with a range of existing and prospective clients from elite sport in Canada.

Toronto FC:

Carl Pomfret and Chris Tuson spent three days with long-term client Toronto FC. The meeting focused on the medical and sports science elements of The Soccer Squad, our dedicated performance management system for elite soccer. Sports Science Director, Jim Liston and Head of Strength and Conditioning, Tim Williams represented the MLS outfit.

Toronto staff also provided feedback on aspects of system usage and received a demonstration of the new Monitoring App. The App improves the input of sports science and testing data for both staff and player. The Toronto FC Academy staff plans aim to implement it throughout their structures.

Chris and Carl at Toronto Maple Leafs game

Toronto’s Academy Manager, Anthony Capotosto also discussed setting-up players on the system. This would provide an opportunity for players to take ownership of wellbeing and monitoring data. Along with ways to improve player assessments and 12-week reviews through The Soccer Squad.

Scouts from across the structure met with Carl to run through the system and processes for data entry. He also assisted them by creating various custom reports and ‘How To’ guides for instant remote support.

Carl Pomfret and Chris Tuson also met with other Canadian clients including NHL side Toronto Maple Leafs and new Rugby League team Toronto Wolfpack. Both are users of The Sports Office athlete management systems.

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The Monitoring App

The Monitoring App is live across all The Sports Office Athlete Management Systems. 

It provides support for the sports science department, along with athletes and players within elite sports organisations. 

The App allows users to select their personal profile and input regular testing and monitoring data. 

This data then feeds into the system’s main dashboard to assist sports science staff with a range of performance management and monitoring tasks.

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What you need to know about Medical Security

The need for medical confidentiality and data security is now greater than ever. The Sports Office electronic medical record system offers the highest levels of reassurance in this area.

Director of Development, Craig Bailey said “We are proud of the standards we have set and in attaining our ISO qualification, along with being HIPPA and PIPEDA compliant.

“Our systems deliver the standards of security demanded by our clients in the world of high-performance sports”

The electronic medical records system also provides access to screening/testing data, medical notes and injury details.

With user-definable dashboards, customisable fields and extensive reporting functionality available, the medical system is an integral part of the solution.

Medical Features on your TSO System:

Medical Pin

Restrict access to users who obtain a medical pin. The designated medical personel such as a Chief Medical Officer has the ability to set up user pins.

Team Assignments

Provide access to specific users so they only have the ability to view the player’s medical information they work with.

Role-based Access

Restrict access across the whole system, to enter the medical functionality, filter this access to role-specific users. Allow Club Doctors and Medical Practitioners different levels of access to data than Physiotherapists/Masseurs.

Medical Availability

Allow general medical data such as fitness/availability to be shared with all/certain staff, but hide any medically sensitive data.

Two-Factor Authentication

The system offers all medical users two-factor authentication, offering an even more secure system. This method will ask users to log in using their system details and then a second method via call or text message.

Full User Change Log

The system stores a date and time stamped log of any changes made against an injury as a means of accountability. This includes any information added or deleted to users notes, medications, treatments, etc.

Medical Reporting

The Sports Office Report Engine for Custom Medical reporting

The systems built-in Report Engine comes with numerous medical reporting templates as well as the ability to build bespoke custom reports and dashboards

Annual Penetration Testing

The Sports Office work with an external security partner to ensure the highest standard of security with annual penetration testing.

Medical information is at the forefront of our performance management systems for elite sport and we take the sensitivity and security of this data with the utmost importance.

Protecting athlete data and ensuring practitioners are accountable for all note keeping is simple when using The Sports Office.

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Enhanced Data Sharing with The Sports Office

The Sports Office systems now support Data Sharing across further elements of our Performance Management Solution.

The latest developments allow further data sharing across a hierarchal organisational structure e.g. National and Domestic Team/Club.

Since 2010, seven National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) across three different sports have used our systems to capture and process performance data. They choose us for our ability to transfer data from Club to National level, and back down.

Until now this capability has mostly been used around medical functionality. Now other areas across the system can share data, including scheduling, events and training programmes.

The new functionality allows users to share Player Development Reports or Individual Performance Plans across the organisational structure for live monitoring of each athlete/player. Data from players training and games are recorded on the system to allow seamless reporting. This aids communication between player, club and NGB.

Player Monitoring:

Monitoring players whilst at both club and national level is vital to maintain elite performance. This can range from capturing the player wellness to monitoring their weekly training load.

Training and Match Load are instantly visible to both domestic and national club staff.

Having this information readily available across the structure will ensure players are consistently training to meet their individual player performance plans.

Live Alerting:

Staff across the domestic club can be alerted to any player’s feedback during national camp, along with any performance data recorded and shared through the system.

Standardised Data Sets:

The parent club (NGB) can mandate particular settings on the system to then feedback down to the child club.

Standardising the data sets allows for a game wide unified approach to improving athlete wellness.

Surveys are available on the App to benefit and feedback to both the child and parent club. Completing the survey will alert both teams with up to the minute information.

Across the structure, the system allows you to share coaching programmes and player reviews.

Standardising the data sets will improve benchmark reporting on players, providing insight across the club to national performance.

Data Types:

  • Session Activity Types
  • Game Time
  • GPS Data
  • Wellbeing
  • Monitoring & Testing
  • Video Tags
  • Performance Analysis
  • Individual Performance Plan / Development Report


This enhanced facility to share information across the structure is advantageous for any parent/child club. It will improve communication across the whole organisational structure and aligns the clubs and staff to help achieve their common goals.

Athlete Monitoring is streamlined and staff can manage players overall wellness, performance and load.

In addition, cohesive reporting on athlete performance and wellbeing data is much easier to do. Users can also export reports using all data sets.

A comprehensive 360° view of a player’s training and performance at both their club and the national team is now made easier with The Sports Office.

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Video Tagging now On The Sports Office App

Video Tagging on The Sports Office App

The Sports Office has made enhancements to our App to improve its video functionality.

Tagging is now available to players and staff who are using the App to both review and preview performance.

Staff users can upload XML files to the system to assign tags to match or training footage for video analysis.

They now have the facility to tag key moments of play including passes, tackles, goals, etc. and share these via the app with players.

Players and athletes can then use the App to view videos and download footage which is created for them. This can be both personal or team footage.

The tags allow players to quickly and easily click through each key moment in order to complete their post-match review or prepare for a one-to-one meeting with their coach.

In addition to assigning tags to players, the coaching staff can track the number and duration of views and view all tags on the video analytics section of the main Sports Office site.

This exciting update will improve the overall user experience and enhance the performance review process.

For more information on the latest video tagging features from The Sports Office, contact us now.

First rel​ease of The Sports Office system updates for 2019 now live

The first series of updates for 2019 are now live and available on all Sports Office systems. A range of enhancements have been introduced to support users in all areas of high-performance sport. This includes the latest app development, The Monitoring App, designed to assist sports scientists and fitness tracking.

Medical Dashboard:

The new medical dashboard will improve overall user workflow. Design improvements provide easier access to all injury information. Medical practitioners can now add new SOAP notes, treatments, medication and other key medical data whilst reviewing other injury details.

Adding a SOAP note on TSO

Screening and Assessment Report Charts:

Users can now report on all fields on Screening and Assessment Reports. They can create charts and tables on each field across different players, date ranges and teams.

Player Search:

When creating or assigning players to different teams, our new feature enables users to search for players by their name or position. This means creating and selecting teams is a quicker and more efficient process.

The Monitoring App:

The Monitoring App is our latest native app and is now available to download for both iOS and Android.

It is a sports science and fitness testing tool which simplifies the data input process when monitoring and testing athletes.

To support the use of The Monitoring App, users can now find a new page on the Sports Office system. This allows authorised users to create testing groups and set different tests in preparation for athlete monitoring.

The New Sports Science Kiosk App

Channelling all of the data into the systems main dashboard will speed-up data collection, as well as presenting information in a clear and accessible format.

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Client Visit for Inter Milan

Senior Client Manager, Carl Pomfret has recently worked with a number of The Sports Office’s international football clients, including leading Serie A club  Inter Milan.

Inter Staff using The Football Squad

He met with key medical personnel who work with both men’s and women’s teams.  Inter Milan have recently implemented ‘The Football Squad’, The Sports Office system for elite football, throughout their women’s football structures.

Senior Management for the Women’s team and Carl got to discuss their plans for the system and how they gain maximum benefits. Carl also sat with the Medical and Coaching department supporting them with any queries and setting up new reports.

A demonstration of all of The Sports Office products and new features including the Medical DashboardThe Sports Office App, and The Manager’s App also took place. These features have all been designed to assist with their daily operations.

Further discussions were staged related to the partnership between The Sports Office and Inter Milan and optimising the club’s usage.

Inter Staff & Carl at Inter Youth Development Centre

The Sports Office provides a centralised system working with clubs to develop it specifically to their needs. We also offer an automatic translation option for all our systems via tokenisation. Inter Milan have taken advantage of this. 

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Nashville SC prepares for MLS with support from The Sports Office

Nashville SC & The Soccer Squad

The Sports Office is working with United Soccer League club, Nashville SC. Carl flew stateside to implement ‘The Soccer Squad’ performance management system within their organisation.

Senior Client Manager Carl Pomfret visited the club which is preparing for entry to North America’s MLS in 2020. He delivered a full system implementation and met with all departments, including Senior Management.

Prior to the visit, key Nashville staff members received a tutorial relating to their specific use of the system. The staff also got to receive additional in-depth guidance during a series of face-to-face meetings.

System Implementation:

Carl Pomfret met with senior club personnel including General Manager, Mike Jacobs, Assistant General Manager, Ally McKay and Head of Recruitment, Chance Myers.

They were provided with a full overview of the system and their desired objectives were agreed. These will be used to provide ongoing support by a designated The Sports Office Client Manager, who will work regularly with the club.

Video Analysis Nashville SC

The Soccer Squad system was also introduced to team operations and admin staff. They were shown areas including how to set-up staff and player user details, event management and document storage.

Head Athletic Trainer, Sydney Wolfe was supported to input player injuries on the system before the visit. Carl Pomfret gave her an in-depth demonstration, including a full overview of the new medical dashboard.

The system’s extensive functionality for Sports Science and GPS monitoring was shown to Nashville’s Strength and Conditioning coach Stacy Daniels. Along with demonstrations of the system’s API. This allows clubs to sync data from other devices and systems directly to The Soccer Squad. Demonstrations on both the system set-up for gym sessions and wellness monitoring were complete. Both Stacy Daniels and Sydney Wolfe will now begin collecting daily wellness data.

Nashville SC Arena

Carl Pomfret also worked with every Nashville staff member, in all departments. He was there to answer any questions and ensure they were ready to use the system. His time in Nashville concluded with a visit to the club’s new training facilities and the new Nissan Stadium, which is set to open soon.

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The Sports Office Partner with Irish Rugby Football Union IRFU

IRFU take on The Rugby Squad:

The Sports Office is delighted to have reached an agreement with the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) to supply a Performance Management system for use by all of Irish rugby’s high-performance representative teams.

All four Provinces and National teams will benefit from ‘The Rugby Squad’, The Sports Office’s bespoke system for elite rugby organisations. Both men’s and women’s senior teams, plus all age group squads will be managed together in one centralised hub.

The full ‘Rugby Squad’ system includes modules to support coaching, sports science, medicine, finance, admin and scouting. IRFU video and performance analysis staff will also be able to combine their work with other departments to maximise the potential of all players within Irish rugby’s elite player pathway.

The Rugby Squad allows effective monitoring and management of every player’s training load plus their coaching minutes and wellbeing. It also enables the creation of Individual Development plans for each player and the ongoing monitoring of these.  This will enhance player tracking and development of all IRFU teams.

The newly released Sports Office App will assist all users, including staff and players in managing their own schedules, development and wellbeing. Communication between provincial and national staff and athletes are enhanced with instant messaging functionality and documents.

The IRFU will also use ‘The Rugby Squad’ to support talent identification and to also plan for the future with the system’s detailed view of available playing resources.

The Sports Office Senior Client Support Manager Stuart Jones commented: “The IRFU recognise that player development throughout the academy to on the pitch performance is the most important thing. They have chosen our system to provide the framework to support every department in reaching their full potential. 

“We are delighted to be working with them and we look forward to supporting the implementation of Rugby Squad within their teams and playing structures.”

Jones added: “Irish teams are recognised as being among the best in world rugby and we believe our system can enhance their efforts to continuously improve and optimise all aspects of performance and preparation.”

IRFU 2019 Guiness Six Nationd championship

2019 Guinness Six Nations Championship Round 3, Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy 24/2/2019
Italy vs Ireland
The Ireland team stand for the National Anthem
Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Dan Sheridan

David Nucifora, IRFU Performance Director, commented, “Irish rugby have for years now placed their player management program at the forefront of their strategy for both developing and supporting our professional players. In continually looking at ways to improve our player management and player development strategies we have made a decision to align ourselves in a partnership with ‘The Sports Office’. As we strive to be world-leading in the area of Athlete Management and development we believe that our partnership with The Sports Office will enable us to achieve this ambition.”

Many elite rugby organisations throughout the world are among The Sports Office’s varied client base. These include governing bodies such as Argentina Rugby Union, teams in the SANZAR Super Rugby competition and the Australian NRL.

The Rugby Squad users also include clubs in the UK’s Rugby League Super League and teams in Major League Rugby.

The full system implementation of ‘The Rugby Squad’ will begin in March 2019.

Athlete Management across Women’s Sport this International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

England Women's Winning She Believes Cup

Source: Lionesses

The Sports Office would like to wish everyone a Happy International Women’s Day. It’s time to show a huge appreciation for all the talented women gracing each team or organisation that we support in Athlete Management.

Athlete Management

The Lionesses, England’s international squad have just brought home the She Believes Cup from the US. A beautiful warm up to the Women’s World Cup which kicks off in June.

A league-wide performance management solution, The Women’s Performance System (WPS) provides all FA WSL teams with The Sports Office software. We support each club along with some of our independent clients such as Southampton and Manchester City to name just a few.


Rugby Union’s Six Nations has also brought together two other TSO clients, England and Ireland. Simon Middleton is leading his squad to go for the Grand Slam as all teams enter the fourth round tonight. Ireland takes on France this Saturday at 7 pm (GMT).

Not only this, but our partnership with the ECB supports the National Team with The Cricket Squad. They have heavily used the system over the last two years for medical data sharing between national and county squads.

As of this year, the counties will be using The Cricket Squad for performance-related data, such as bowling overs, wellness and scheduling. The Cricket World Cup begins May 30th.

Women’s sport shows the same high standards of performance across a variety of sports, leagues and nations. The Sports Office is proud to be at the forefront of supporting all women in sport. We are happy to be part of the movement in continually making a difference and changing performance sports.