Academy Directors across elite sport use The Sports Office ‘Report Engine’ for Long Term Player Development

Academy Directors from a range of elite sports clubs have highlighted The Sports Office ‘Report Engine’ as an invaluable tool for optimising long-term player development.

The ‘Report Engine’ is a core element of The Sports Office performance management systems for elite sport. The functionality has the power and capacity to deliver fully customisable and automated reports to staff, players and other key personnel.

Users can create and share individual player or automated team reports, using a range of performance data. The reports can track on-field and training performance, injuries and wellbeing.

Emma Flett, Aberdeen FC’s Senior Football Operations Coordinator, commented: “Player and parent engagement has improved as coaches’ reports can be tracked and analysed.

“Prior to the adoption of The Sports Office, much of the reporting on players’ performance was verbal, which was difficult to monitor and review with players at later dates.”

She continued, “The ease of use of the system has allowed the club to develop and progress its Academy functions. It has been invaluable since its introduction in 2013.”

The Sports Office Report Engine Player Performance Report on a MacBook

The ‘Report Engine’ has key benefits for everyone within an elite football organisation. Transparency and feedback can be provided at all levels including federations, players and parents.

In addition to their success within Scotland, The Sports Office also work to support the FA’s The Long-term player development strategy. A strategy which emphasises the importance of accurate performance data and applied knowledge for player development.

The ‘Report Engine’ can also present data in an accessible format. This makes it easier to apply and take effective evidence-based decisions.

If you feel your organisation would benefit from a centralised hub which cohesively brings together all elements of performance workflow into one system, contacts The Sports Office now.

TSO Visit MLS Semi-Finalists Clients Atlanta United & Grass-Roots Team Smryna Soccer Club

Atlanta United:

The Sports Office Client Managers are spreading the company’s global footprint as they visit clients across the world of elite sport. They are helping clubs and organisations to implement and maximise The Sports Office performance management systems.

Senior Client Manager Carl Pomfret spent last week with Atlanta United’s Academy personnel including medical and sports science staff. He worked with them on GPS data entry processes.

Carl also met with Atlanta United Technical Director, Carlos Bocanegra, a former Fulham FC and U.S. national player. They discussed the use of The Soccer Squad. A range of automated report

Carl at Atlanta United training facilities

building functionality was also demonstrated to staff, including options to create individual, team and key prospect reports.

Along with meeting the club’s Technical Director, Carl supported medical staff with work on seasonal reporting and assisted with the use of the ‘SOAP’ note template.

He demonstrated that the system is a powerful coaching and reporting tool as well. These reports can be automated and directly sent to coaches via email, SMS or through The Manager’s App.

Atlanta United are currently in the Semi-Finals of the MLS Audi Cup Play-Offs, after beating their fellow Sports Office rival New York City FC 1-0 in the first round of the playoffs. The second and knock out round will be this Sunday, 11/11/18 at 10 pm GMT.

Smyrna Soccer Club:

The Sports Office has also recently begun working to pilot the system at a grass-roots level with Smyrna Soccer Club in Atlanta, Georgia. The club focuses their use of the system to enhance player health and safety, minimise risk and maximise player development.

Smyrna Soccer Club is using the system to provide each player with daily feedback including reports on matches, training and stats on focused targets and goals. Carl Pomfret met with Director of Coaching, Jon Conway and Academy Director, Joey Syfret to help to ensure the system is maximising the potential of these young players.

report generated through The Sports Office 'Reports Engine'










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Sports Analytics World Series – London 2018

A team from The Sports Office has attended the Sports Analytics World Series conference in London. The event – hosted by professional services giants KPMG – was the fifth in a global series of eight, which focus on sports analytics and sports technology.

The Series showcases cutting-edge ideas and innovations. It attracts more than 5,000 attendees in Australia, India, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, the United States and China.

Client Manager Stephen Young, Business Development Manager Sean Pike and Marketing Coordinator Lori Scriven joined presentations and panel discussions from a number of sports teams, leagues and tech companies. The team also attended sessions on elite sports performance and sports data and analytics.


Client Manager Stephen Young and Marketing Coordinator at SAC World Series

Sean Pike commented: ”The event provided a great opportunity to meet a range of people in high-performance sport and discuss the latest innovations in Sports Technology and analytics.”

Dr Julia Wells, Head of Performance at the English Institute of Sport, was among the presenters. She discussed her experiences as a performance analyst at the Olympics with Canoe Slalom and other Olympic sports.

Dr Julia Wells, EIS discussing High Performance Analysis

The Sports Office is the industry leader in Performance Management. We provide a centralised system to clubs and organisations across elite sports, including teams across NRL, Premier League, and MLS. To learn more about our services and apps including The Player’s App and The Manager’s App, contact us now.

Record Level of Automated Custom Reports through The Sports Office Systems

The volume of automated custom reports generated by The Sports Office performance management systems ‘Report Engine’ has reached a record level.

In September 2018, more than 8000 instant reports and 1200 automated reports were delivered using 167 unique templates for users across elite sports using the ‘Report Engine’. These clients included teams in the Premier League, Serie A and MLS. As well as clients in elite rugby, pro cycling, ice hockey and sports academies. They covered a broad range of data including training loads, injury data, future squads and more.

The Sports Office performance management systems allow users to quickly and easily trigger the output of reports across their bespoke performance criteria and key performance indicators. All reports export into a visually accessible style. They are also available to view and download on all devices, including desktops, tablets and mobiles.

“We are delighted that this record volume of reports has been achieved by our performance management systems”, commented Phil Clarke

Phil added: “Our systems offer clients the option to fine-tune the reports they create and set up, so they are completely bespoke to their own needs. The reports provide highly-accurate insights which are easy to share and understand, and users can have full confidence in them. Presenting critical information in a simple way is the most important thing in sport and our experience has made us the best at doing this.”

Custom Reports Example from The Sports Office Report Engine

Custom Report Example from The Sports Office Report Engine

Custom Reports Across the World:

The capacity to generate a huge range of custom reports in real-time is just one element of The Sports Office systems. More than 100 professional football clubs, competing in the world’s most high-profile competitions use our systems. This includes teams from the English Premier League, Italy’s Serie A and the MLS.

Several major national sports governing bodies have also chosen to adopt The Sports Office athlete monitoring systems. One of these is the Scottish FA, who use it throughout their structures. This includes all their national teams and all seven of their Performance Schools.

Elsewhere in the world of elite sport, clients include clubs in North America’s NHL and professional cycling teams. Many elite rugby organisations throughout the world are also among the company’s varied client base. Including national governing bodies, teams in the SANZAR Super Rugby competition, the Australian NRL. Along with clubs in the UK’s Rugby League Super League.

Learn more about how clubs like Aberdeen FC and The Blues use our systems, and contact us to find out more!

Video Analysis & Telestration from The Sports Office

The Sports Office development team have improved the video analysis capability within our athlete management systems. This means users no longer need to upload multiple individual videos for this important aspect of sports performance management.

We now accept XML files from third-party data sources including Opta, STATSport, Sportscode. Players can view footage and watch their tags in real time, to improve learning and personal development.

The enhancements also include a LIVE tagging tool which allows users to view tags in real time for instant analysis, via a ‘Tagging Wizard’. Use tags to highlight in-play moments, and track total player involvement.

Share video content via the Player’s App or via email, text or push notifications. Players will be able to comment both on the videos and the specified tags.

Telestration to boost video analysis:

One of the most exciting additional video analysis features to come from The Sports Office is the new ‘Telestration’ tool, and video annotation toolkit. Analysts can pause footage and annotate the screen with feedback for players and in-game video analysis. It is understood this function is not currently available from any other provider and these advanced capabilities are set to improve the communication of match analysis between staff and players.

Create and store tags within the system that provide the data to generate reports from the ‘Analytics Engine’. Also, generate data on player engagement with video footage including views, hits and viewing duration. This ‘Report Engine’ functionality will aid the objective analysis of player usage.

Further developments are underway for the video analysis functionality including video playlists, dashboard searches and multiple viewing angles.

For more information view the ‘Video Analysis’ PDF or contact us with any questions.

TSO TOUR #3 – Inter Milan

Carl CM at Inter Milan Youth Development centre training on bespoke developments

Carl Pomfret, Client Manager at Suning Youth Development Training Centre

Client Manager Carl Pomfret recently travelled to Italy to introduce the new automatic language translation feature to Inter Milan. The Serie A giants have used Sports Office athlete management systems for the past year.

Automatic language translation is now LIVE within all Sports Office performance management systems and is made possible by tokenisation. ‘English to Italian’ is the first pair of languages to translate. The update means clients are able to carry out all performance management activities in their native tongue.

During the visit, Carl worked closely with Inter’s Senior IT Analyst, Roberta Macchi to deliver additional training and answer queries from the club.

Roberta commented, “Abbiamo recentemente avuto la visita del nostro “client manager”, Carl Pomfret. Sempre sorridendo e con grande gentilezza, ci presenta le novità e ci supporta nel lavoro quotidiano. E’ un aiuto prezioso per tutte le nostre attività.”

Translating to, “We recently had a visit from our “client manager”, Carl Pomfret. Always smiling and with great kindness, he presents us with news and supports us in our daily work. It is a precious help for all our activities.”

In addition, Carl Pomfret met with each department including Medical, Recruitment and Sports Science. He also provided assistance to support optimal use of the system to GPS staff, Analysts and Wellbeing staff.

Bespoke Developments:

Inter Milan requested customised financial modules to fine tune this aspect of the system to their specific needs. This and automatic language translation are examples of the Sports Office’ capacity to deliver bespoke developments to performance management systems for any club or organisation.

Inter Milan currently use The Sports Office at Academy level and Academy Director, Roberto Samaden, has stated his satisfaction with the progress made to date.

If your organisation requires a centralised system to monitor performance with bespoke developments, contact our business development team.

Sporting Director convention at Manchester Metropolitan University

Masters in Sports Directorship Convention

A team from The Sports Office have attended a high-profile networking and education event for leaders in elite sport. The Masters in Sports Directorship Convention was staged at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Business School.

Sports Office staff were among delegates from more than 250 global sports organisations. Client Manager Chris Tuson, Business Development Manager Sean Pike and Marketing Coordinator Lori Scriven showcased the company’s range of performance management systems for elite sport, including the new Manager’s App. The event also included seminars, a keynote speaker and discussion panels focusing on the role of the elite sporting director.

elite sports management software solutions

Sean Pike and Chris Tuson at TSO stall

Business Development Manager Sean Pike commented: “The event was a great success and we would like to thank all the Manchester Metropolitan University staff and all guest speakers.

“It was fascinating to discuss issues around performance management systems for elite sport and performance analysis. We look forward to continuing our dialogue with the many people we met.”

Challenge Culture:

elite sport management conference on challenge culture and sporting director

Nigel Travis, Leyton Orient & Dunkin Donuts Chairman discussing challenge culture in Business and Sport

The event’s keynote speaker was Leyton Orient owner and Dunkin Donuts chairman Nigel Travis. His presentation focussed on successful cultures and leadership and in elite sport. The Sports Office team also attended a ‘Winning with Analytics’ seminar, hosted by former Chelsea FC statistics and analysis expert Garry Gelade.

The Sports Office has recently released The Managers App. It is a bespoke mobile application to support Sporting Directors, Managers and other top-level executives in elite football. The app gives immediate access to a highly relevant and tailored snapshot of key performance data and critical management information.  This enhances executive management processes and also greatly improves effective decision making and communication at the top level.

To learn more about The Manager’s App please download the Manager’s App PDF and contact our Client Management Team.

Player Development, Recovery and Video improvements to The Sports Office systems

Following a robust development and testing process, The Sports Office has released the latest series of updates and enhancements to our Athlete Management Systems to improve player development.

As part of the quarterly release strategy,  both system and bespoke developments have been delivered,  focusing on target player development and recovery. All of these will enhance key functions including athlete data management, athlete monitoring, training load management and sports medicine management.

With updates including the Tokenisation of the site LIVE, we now offer the system fully translated into Italian and other languages on request.

Our roadmap has taken developments through medical enhancements, designed to provide clarity for player injury data, sensitive medical information and the actions required to improve player recovery. In addition to these developments, extensive video enhancements and scouting updates have been made to ease the player recruitment process.

Medical Updates:

Cardiac Screening

This development allows medical staff to be fully aware of the players’ Cardiac Screen within our Screening & Assessment Reports.

An icon will display on the Medical Team Status page to clearly identify whether a cardiac screen has been completed and what further action, if any, is needed.

TSO Cardiac Alerts & Notes for player development

Cardiac Alerts & Notes

Medical Alerts

Medical staff can now create different alerts for any actions that have taken place in the Medical Department. Alert users by email, text or real-time notifications if an injury has been added, edited or deleted to the system.

With the new functionality, you can configure bespoke alerts for specific injuries and/or departments. Alert particular medical staff for particular injuries (e.g. head injuries) which are among common use cases.

General Health & Player Medical Dashboard Update:

The player medical dashboard has had both aesthetic and accessibility improvements made under this development. Most notably the addition of the new feature ‘General Health’ to make complete player medical information more accessible to practitioners.

A new range of features including the ability to update and review Allergies/Intolerances and Medical Alerts. These additions are alongside player Medical History and Ongoing Medications.

Recruitment Enhancements:

Target Player Spider Chart:

Scouting staff can now improve player recruitment with target player spider charts. View spider charts averaging player performance statistics from each field of the report. Filter and aggregate this data in numerous ways for maximising recruitment efficiency.

Spider Chart Recruitment

Recruitment Spider Chart Summary

Number of Reports:

Searching for target player development reports has been simplified with TSO, users can now view the number of reports a player has had completed against them. With a broader range of filtering options now available, player information is more accessible and refined.

Hide Recommendation Tick:

The latest developments for player recruitment allow users to hide recommendation indicators of a scouting report. This functionality gives scouting staff greater flexibility for building target assessment reports.

If you wish to know more about these latest updates, please contact our Client Services Team.

The Sports Office Performance Management Systems enhance player welfare in elite rugby

Player Welfare & Safety Programme:

The Sports Office has enhanced its work with the RFU and Premier Rugby to support their world-renowned player welfare and safety programme in elite rugby.

Prior to the current season, the Sports Office Client Management team visited every Gallagher Premiership club. They met with medical staff to share best practice in injury surveillance and medical monitoring; when using the company’s rugby-specific performance management system, The Rugby Squad. They also offered additional advice about using the system for many other aspects of performance, preparation and athlete monitoring.

The team met with new members of staff at each club.  A written Practitioner Guide and a series of guidance videos have also been produced. These show how best to use The Rugby Squad systems in this specific injury surveillance area.

They will also ensure new staff are able to support all processes within the Professional Rugby Injury Surveillance Project.

elite rugby governing body and league work with The Sports Office

RFU, Premier Rugby & TSO

Andy Gorski, Head of Client Services at The Sports Office, commented: “Our visits to clubs in the Gallagher Premiership provided a fantastic opportunity to contribute more to this important injury surveillance and player welfare programme.

“It was the first time the Sports Office client team met with club medical staff. Which proven to be a beneficial experience for everyone. We were able to offer additional support on the best use of our systems for additional performance management activity.”

Gorski added: ”The Professional Rugby Injury Surveillance Project provides the sport with important data that can help improve standards of player welfare and medical management. We continue to work with our clients at the RFU and Premier Rugby to offer them the support they require to maintain and enhance this crucial initiative.”

Rugby Injury Surveillance Project:

The long-term Professional Rugby Injury Surveillance Project has been possible due to the bespoke performance management system, developed by The Sports Office. The study is set to improve professional player welfare and is the most comprehensive of its type.

The Sports Office worked with senior medical staff at the RFU to develop a system which allows sports medicine and coaching personnel at clubs and national teams to easily input an extensive range of medical and performance data. The system then supports extensive analysis of this. This includes sharing management information, the creation of detailed medical reports and baseline data to identify patterns and trends in injuries, via comparison with previous seasons.

The RFU, Premier Rugby and the Rugby Players Association originally commissioned the Professional Rugby Injury Surveillance project in 2002 as joint creation. It monitors player injury risk in Premiership, European club and international competition, as well as in training.

The Sports Office provides online performance management systems for elite sport, which offer a range of functionality. The systems support key performance processes including athlete monitoring and training load management. Also, injury prevention, sports science,  sports medicine, administration, coaching and sports analytics.

Many elite rugby organisations throughout the world are among the company’s varied client base. These include governing bodies, teams in the SANZAR Super Rugby competition, the Australian NRL and clubs in the UK’s Rugby League Super League.

The Manager’s App Latest Update:

The Manager’s App design has been curated to support top-level executives and management. The App provides immediate touch access to the key performance data and critical management information, presenting data of the most relevance. Decision making is more informed and communication is faster.

The Manager’s App is compatible with iOS devices and can be found in the native app store.

Contact The Sports Office here, for more information on our systems including The Sports Office App.