TSO TOUR #2 – Japan

Yokohama, Japan:

A recent trip to Japan saw Carl Pomfret and Stuart Jones spend 5 days with staff at Yokohama F. Marinos. As part of the City Football Group, it was a continuation of the roll-out of The Football Squad. Other clubs within the group to benefit from the system include Manchester City, Melbourne City, and New York City FC.

As part of this full system roll-out, the Client Managers spent time with Sporting Director, Isac Doru. Along with other key personnel within each department. The training sessions delivered on The Football Squad were to aid their performance data management.

Isac commented, “I would like to thank The Sports Office staff for creating this beautiful pearl for football modern management.”

Carl, Isac, & Stuart watching Yokohama F Marinos

The Client Managers were fortunate enough to attend a Yokohama F. Marinos vs. Vegalta Sendai game. Also, they had an exclusive tour around the Nissan Stadium, home of the 2002 World Cup Final.

Following this, the trip took them to the heart of Tokyo, where Carl and Stuart went to meet and visit the Japanese FA at their Headquarters, There were initial introductions made with hopes to introduce the system across the organisation.

Stuart Jones stated, “The trip itself was a very interesting experience, it was amazing to see a completely different culture. I’ll never forget the pufferfish I tried in Tokyo.”

Stuart & Carl experiencing a traditional Japanese meal

Club visits and system implementations are all part of the life at The Sports Office. We offer club assistance through our support desk and visits when required. Read the first TSO Tour here, for more insight into The Sports Office operations.

So, to learn more about the software, or to see if The Sports Office systems are what your club needs, then contact us to discuss how you too can maximise your organisations potential.

Automatic language translation introduced to Sports Office performance management systems

Automatic language translation is now available within all Sports Office performance management systems for elite sport.

The new feature uses the computer programming process known as tokenisation to ensure the accuracy and speed of all translation. It is accessible in Sports Office desktop systems and mobile Apps.

The Sports Office will be introducing English to Italian as the first translation. English to Spanish will also be available in due course. Other languages are available upon request. The Sports Office Client Management team are also undertaking additional language training, to help users to gain maximum benefit from the new functionality and support implementation.

Craig Bailey, Sports Office Development Director said: “We believe this new automatic translation feature will be invaluable in elite football, and many other high-performance sports. It will allow colleagues of different nationalities to work together more efficiently.

“Our systems are now more accessible to diverse groups of coaches and practitioners with different first languages. The new feature will assist them to optimise collaborative working and enhance their collective efforts to deliver excellence.”

Craig Bailey added: “We have already received a number of enquiries about translations to a range of languages including Japanese. We will also continue to consult with current and potential clients to understand their needs.”

The development of the new automatic language translation update went underway following discussions between Sports Office Client Managers and Serie A and UEFA Champions League giants, Inter Milan. The nature of the tokenisation process means that new performance and sports science-related terms can be quickly uploaded to mirror the natural evolution of any language and the lexicon of elite sport.

Contact us today to arrange a webinar demonstration of our performance management systems.


TSO Tour #1 – Toronto & New York City

Intuitive software is only half of what The Sports Office provides to the World’s Best Sporting Organisations. It is our exceptional service that has enabled our clients to quickly implement and learn how to gain maximum benefit from the performance management software.

A dedicated team of Client Managers are the main point of call for all queries. They take great pride in demonstrating each and every feature developed over the last decade. Some of this support is completed remotely, but the TSO Client Managers also love to ‘go on tour’ and visit their clients around the world from time to time.

A recent 10-day trip sent Carl Pomfret and Chris Tuson, Client Managers across the ‘Pond’, firstly to Toronto, Canada and then into the USA.

Toronto, Canada:

Chris and Carl flew out to Toronto, where they spent the first five days of the trip with two existing Sports Office Clients, Toronto FC and Toronto Maple Leafs. Toronto FC has been using the system for 4 years now, and the Maple Leafs have completed 3 full seasons maximising their use of The Sports Office software. So, the Client Managers spent their time on this trip to re-educate the clubs on various aspects of the system.

Carl and Chris at Toronto FC Academy & Training Ground

Toronto FC approach performance optimisation through one system for the entire club. This helps them to mirror essential data collection and report generation across the first team, also within their USL and the Academy programme.

Each department was shown new elements to allow them to gain maximum benefit from The Sports Office systems. Moreover, on this visit Client Manager’s demonstrated 10 new reports for Toronto FC to improve their outputs from the system.

Carl spent some time with Toronto Maple Leaf’s Human Performance department, where they got to explore some principal elements of reporting and analysis. They got to analyse fundamental data over the last season and had a look at ‘crunching’ this with previous data, to look for patterns and trends.

Toronto Maple Leaf’s Training Facilities

Using the highly sophisticated ‘Report Engine’ and automated reporting capabilities. The Sports Office are able to deliver real-time reports to key staff.

New developments from The Sports Office have also sparked interest across Toronto and Canadian Elite Sport. The Client Managers are currently answering these enquires and are demonstrating the software to prospective clients.

New York City, USA:

Following their time in Canada, Chris and Carl flew over to New York.  They too were accompanied by Managing Director, Andy Clarke on their visit to New York City FC, part of City Football Group. The Client Managers got to go to the Academy at the new training facility, Orangeburg.

This visit, in particular, was a 3-day full configuration of the Football Squad system for the Academy. Chris, Carl and Andy spent time with each department as they introduced the system to staff and key personnel. They demonstrated how easily they can incorporate the system into their daily workflow.

Also, departmental and player profile data was input into the system. This starts the collection of performance data under one centralised hub.

New York City FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps FC, 2-2


NYC FC were also kind enough to invite the team to the Delta Sky 360* Suite in the Yankee Stadium. Here, they got to see NYC FC vs Vancouver Whitecaps FC. The final result was a 2-2, with New York goals from Jesús Medina and Valentín Castellanos.

The Sports Office Client Management team are willing to go the extra mile for your club and squad. To maximise you clubs potential with The Sports Office, contact our Client Management Team to arrange a visit.


New video features are ‘game-changers’ for analysts and coaches

The Sports Office staff have been radically enhancing the systems use of video for performance analysis and coaching. A series of new features will maximise player/athlete engagement and personal development.

The enhancements mean videos, with added visuals and notes, can be quickly and effectively generated to create high-impact learning resources.

“We believe these enhancements will be game-changing for the use of video in high-performance sport”, commented Chris Tuson, from The Sports Office.

“These updates now offer coaches and analysts many new features which will significantly augment their work and mean their players and athletes experience is hugely enriched.”

More details of the updates are as follows:

Video tagging wizard

Users can now tag videos as they view footage in real time, for instant analysis. Easily create tags for highlights and crucial moments. Also, quickly generate metrics including total player involvement. The tagging wizard offers the option to upload multiple tagging files against videos. This allows both staff and players to use third-party data such as OPTA, STATSport, Sportscode. Tags can be seen while viewing footage in real time.

Video tagging report

As video tags are created they become metrics in the system’s analytics engine. This means reports can be generated to provide both holistic and more granular performance summaries.

Video drawing/annotation tool

It is now possible to add text and other visual annotations to pinpoint key moments in videos and gain the most from the analysis process. A toolkit of options makes it easy to add both text and symbols. It is also possible to overlay annotations on LIVE video content for rapid performance analysis.

Video analytics

This is a multi-faceted update. To enhance player/athlete engagement, performance data can be added and visualized alongside video content. Also, precisely measure and analyse video engagement. This allows staff to monitor player’s usage in great detail. This includes the number and duration of video views. Also, analyse trends in video content including total hits.

All these latest video enhancements utilise the power of cloud computing offered by The Sports Office systems. This ensures a smooth and streamlined user experience. The enhancements will also complement the new Player’s App.

This native app integrates with Sports Office performance management systems and third-party social media platforms. It provides a comprehensive range of personalised support and creates a powerful link between club and player.

Further updates to video functionality in Sports Office systems are planned to include the creation of playlists, clipping, dashboard searches and further tagging options. Other features including multiple viewing angles and commentary on uploads are also being developed.

For more information or additional training on these new features, please contact The Sports Office Client Management team.


New release from The Sports Office – The Player’s App

The latest release from The Sports Office, The Player’s App, has been designed to keep players better informed and enhance progression at the club. The App integrates with Sports Office performance management software and social media platforms to provide a comprehensive range of personalised support.

The native Player’s App optimises all communication, sports science and sports medicine modules. Along with coaching and administrative processes between an organisation and its players/athletes.

Phil Clarke, Director from The Sports Office said: “Elite sports organisations will now be able to offer significantly enhanced support to their players with our new native app.

“The app will ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness in critical areas including communication, coaching and administration. It will create a powerful, personalised link between clubs and their squads.”

Phil added: “Our new Player’s App will provide an additional tool for coaches and elite sports practitioners to reach the players they work with and support them to drive improved performance.”


The video enhancements provide a key area of functionality within the new Player’s App. Staff can assign specific videos to players to maximise engagement, learning and progression. Categorise video footage and create personalised playlists to enhance focused player reflection. Also, download video content to view offline.

The Newsfeed and Dashboard areas provide a real-time update of relevant information directly from the club.  Support player output and ensure consistency with club policy and public statements by synching club social media accounts.

The Player’s App also enhances communication between staff and players with secure instant messaging and push notifications. It offers heightened functionality, instinctively detecting a user’s language via personal mobile settings.

The app is compatible with a wide range of 3rd party sources. This allows the use of sports science and performance analysis data from providers including OPTA and STATSports. Download to all personal devices easily from major app stores and is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Download the Player’s App PDF, and please contact a member of our Client Management team today to learn more and discuss how The Player’s App can be implemented in your organisation.



Athlete Management Systems – New Major Release!

A new major release including a range of updates to enhance athlete data management are now live across all The Sports Office systems.

Coaching, Fixtures and Medical are among the modules to benefit in this release, the first in a new quarterly release strategy.

The Medical Dashboard now offers a faster method of inputting and copying SOAP notes and logging other medical issues. Users are now presented with a pop-up box to add the medical data. Amending previous notes on player injuries is also made easier.

In addition, new customisable SOAP note templates have been created to aid information collection. Users can configure these for various body parts or for specific injuries. Also, a new option on the medical dashboard to view and copy a SOAP note quickly.

New medical alerts functionality allows designated staff to be notified of any medical rules that have been created. For example, there is now an option to alert a specialist, if a player receives a head injury. Reminders can be sent to staff to add, delete or update medical issues.  It is also possible to share notes with players by using the Squad Card view on the Squad Register. This creates a more streamlined communication process on the mobile app.

Craig Bailey, The Sports Office Development Director, said: “This update offers our clients many beneficial new features to support their work in athlete data management.

Major releases will now be made quarterly to improve stability and allow the business to concentrate on developing new or enhancing existing features, whilst also giving users increased awareness of new features.”

Craig added: “We believe our clients will gain ongoing benefit from each new major release and the features they introduce.  We aim to support all updates with improved communication. This will include our social media channels, a new blog and tutorials built into the software.

This improved support and guidance aims to enhance the client experience with The Sports Office.”

Any clients who require further assistance relating to the new system features, or wish to find out more about our cutting-edge Performance Management Software, should contact our Client Management team.

Also, please follow us on social media. Find The Sports Office on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn for more insight and updates.



The Sports Office Supporting CHAMPIONS across Football

Reaching the end of the 2017/18 football season, The Sports Office clients have had phenomenal results. The Champions of the Premier League and finalists of the Champions League, along with League 1 winners and the Women’s Super League cup finalists are among a few TSO Clients.

Manchester City, Liverpool FC, along with Wigan Athletic have successfully taken on board The Sports Office systems. Both Women’s Super League Cup finalists, Arsenal and Manchester City Ladies use The Sports Office systems to help maximise their chances of success.

Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, Wigan Athletic FC and Arsenal FC Badges

Stuart Jones, Client Manager said, “It’s fantastic news for the company and we are delighted to be associated with the most successful teams in men’s and women’s football.

Our aim at The Sports Office is to assist the clubs in any way possible. With all off-field performance data in order, we help to maximise the team’s performance and it’s always great to see our clients have success.”

Clubs, academies and federations use our systems globally to provide support to senior management, player personnel and athletes.  Find modules for coaching, medical and conditioning, scouting and recruitment. Furthermore, the centralised systems include an extensive range of features, to support all departments required by the club. Some of our features include video, intra-club communication, finance and report generation.

To use the performance management systems of elite soccer champions, contact us.

New athlete management system for leading sports academy

The Sports Office is to supply an athlete management system to one of the Middle East’s leading sports academies.

Qatar-based Evolution Sports provides opportunities in football, rugby, basketball, swimming and netball to thousands of children and young adults in the region. The academy will benefit from the system’s capacity to manage large volumes of athlete data and information, relating to areas including coaching, participation and sports medicine.

The athlete management system will also allow Evolution’s staff to personalise their coaching and development activities for all participants, in order to ensure optimal effectiveness and benefit.

Sports academy uses athlete management system

Evolution Sports Academy in Qatar will use The Sports Office athlete management system in their multi-sport development programmes.

Client Manager Chris Tuson said: “We are delighted to be working with a rapidly growing organisation like Evolution, to support their work to develop sport for young people in Qatar.

“Our athlete management system will offer their coaches and staff a range of powerful functions to enhance the management and delivery of their multi-sport programmes.”

Tuson added: “Our system will enable fast and effective management of large numbers of players and, as well as its comprehensive features to support elite performance, is highly suited for this type of development.”

Evolution Sports Academy Director David Wallace stated: “Evolution Sports has been able to develop and streamline its entire sports programme.

“With the aid of one of the worlds leading sporting management systems, coaches can now take a more in depth look at the development of its members.”

Evolution Sports is Qatar’s fastest growing multi-sports provider for children and young adults aged 3-18 years. Since its formation a decade ago, it has established itself as a market leader in the provision of sports for children and young adults in the Gulf nation. The organisation has also worked with the Qatar Olympic Committee, the Qatar Football Association, the Qatar Stars League and the region’s Aspire academy.

The Sports Office has supplied systems to other specialist sports and education organisations, including Hartpury College in Gloucester. The Scottish Football Association is also a Sports Office client and they use the system to support the development of players aged 11- 16, in the their seven national performance schools, alongside usage with elite national teams and other high-performance activities.

This video shows more about Evolution Sports programmes:

For more information about The Sports Office systems please contact us.

The Managers App launched to support senior personnel in elite sport

A new application to support Managers, Sporting Directors and other top-level executives in elite football has just been launched by The Sports Office. The Managers App gives immediate access to a highly relevant and tailored snapshot of key performance data and critical management information.

This enhances decision making and communication at the top level. The new app functions by pulling through and streamlining real-time information from Sports Office performance management systems, already operating within an elite sporting organisation.

“We believe it’s right to consider the new Managers App as a game-changing enhancement to the services we can offer our clients”, commented The Sports Office Director, Phil Clarke.

“We created it after identifying the need for senior executives and leaders in elite football to have a specific support tool such as this; which gives access to accurate management information in real time, to enhance demanding decision making, management and corporate responsibilities.”

Clarke added:” The app has been developed over a two year period, during which we have liaised closely with a number of Premier League Managers and senior executives. We have listened carefully to learn more about the specific challenges they face and we believe this new service will provide a powerful solution for them.”

The Managers App - athlete monitoring and performance management for Managers, Sporting Directors and other top-level executives in elite football, made by The Sports Office.

The Managers App – a snapshot of key performance data for Managers, Sporting Directors and other top-level executives in elite football.

The bank-level security offered by all Sports Office athlete management systems also extends to the Managers App. Clubs and organisations using the app will have the option to ‘fine tune’ it to reflect their specific needs. Management information relating to sports medicine, recruitment and retention, budgets and finance, sports performance and even personal player milestones can be viewed.

The Managers App also provides an instant messaging function and notepad which allows senior personnel to make private notes or tactical plans in a fast and trouble-free manner, while in different locations. The app is compatible with mobile devices and it is envisaged that clients will purchase licences for senior people to use it. This may include a Manager, a Sporting Director, an Academy manager, a Chief Executive and club owners.

Improving decision making for Managers and senior executives

The Managers App - athlete monitoring and performance management for Managers, Sporting Directors and other top-level executives in elite football, made by The Sports Office.

The Managers App gives Board members access to key management information.

There are many scenarios in which the new Managers App can provide specific benefits to senior personnel in football clubs faced with demanding challenges. One such scenario is when senior management in different geographical locations, during a busy transfer window period, need to consult each other over the recruitment of a new player and have access to live budgetary information while doing this. The App can not only provide all relevant information and data but also facilitate fast and effective communication, so that the signing can be progressed efficiently.

Another possible scenario could be when a fixture has taken place overseas and, because of the result , it is important to have remote access to an immediate update of performance data, new injury data or a revised preparation schedule.

The Managers App - athlete monitoring and performance management for Managers, Sporting Directors and other top-level executives in elite football, made by The Sports Office.

The Managers App – provides mobile access to key management and performance data.

The Sports Office provides performance management applications to more than 100 professional football clubs, competing in the world’s most high-profile competitions, including the English Premier League and Italy’s Serie A. Several major national sports governing bodies have also chosen to adopt The Sports Office athlete monitoring systems. One of these is the Scottish FA, who use it throughout their structures, including for all their national teams and at all seven of their Performance Schools.

Elsewhere in the world of elite sport, clients include the RFU, Aviva Premiership rugby clubs, the British Horseracing Authority, professional cycling teams and clubs in Rugby League’s Super League.

To learn more about The Manager’s App please download this PDF brochure by clicking here and contact our Client Management Team.

Sports Office performance management system for elite soccer supports women’s football growth

The record Wembley attendance earlier this month for the Women’s FA Cup Final has underlined the growing profile of this branch of the game and The Sports Office team were delighted to see client club Manchester City secure victory under the world-famous arch.

Man City Women beat Birmingham City Ladies 4-1, in front of a bumper 35,271 crowd. The winning side featured the likes of England skipper Steph Houghton and star US signing Carli Lloyd. As well as the “Light Blues”, women’s teams at Chelsea, Arsenal, Southampton, Oxford United and Bristol City are all users of “The Football Squad’’, The Sports Office’s performance management system for elite soccer.

This growing sector of the game benefits from the system’s powerful functionality. And Sports Office Business Development Manager Tom Leather says the company is pleased to have played a part in supporting the success of all teams and of women’s football as a whole.

He said: “It’s great to see the women’s game developing so rapidly, as well as the increasing recognition for the professional standards of the competitions and the teams.”

“And of course we’d like send our congratulations to Manchester City Women for their great victory in the Cup Final at Wembley. We understand the team are aiming to secure more success in the future and we believe the “The Football Squad’’ will support them as they move forward.”

Manchester City Women celebrate their 2017 FA Cup victory. They are one of several elite women's teams which use The Sports Office performance management system for elite soccer.

Source: Manchester City Women Twitter.
Manchester City Women celebrate their 2017 FA Cup victory. They are one of several elite women’s teams which use The Sports Office performance management system for elite soccer.

Coaching, football analysis software and much more

The Sports Office online performance management system for elite soccer supports managers, coaches and fitness practitioners involved at professional level. The system provides an extensive range of features to support football coaching, video-usage, sports science, sports medicine, scouting and recruitment, squad management and intra-club communication. It also offers extensive statistical analysis for football, training load management and allows the creation of personalised performance and development plans for players.

Women’s football is set for further profile boosts in the coming months. The UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 kicks off this July in the Netherlands and for the first time, the tournament will involve 16 teams. The FA have also recently launched Gameplan for Growth, which is a drive to double participation and grow the fanbase.

The Sports Office works with more than 100 professional football clubs, competing in the world’s most high-profile competitions. Several major national governing bodies have also chosen to adopt The Sports Office. One of these is the Scottish FA, who use it throughout their structures, including for all their national teams and at all seven of their Performance Schools.

Elsewhere in the world of elite sport, clients include the RFU, Aviva Premiership rugby clubs, leading equestrian organisations, professional tennis coaches, clubs in Rugby League’s Super League and professional cycling teams.