Medical and Sports Science

Medical and Sports Science

Gain instant access to and update screening/testing data, medical notes and injury details through our online Electronic Medical Recording system.

Monitor and track your athletes using customisable dashboards and individualised targets in areas


Areas Include…


  • Injury / Illness Management
  • Add SOAP Notes
  • Player Screening
  • Player Screening
  • Rehabilitation
  • Player Profiling
  • Injury Reporting & Audits
  • Treatments & Medications
  • Load Management
  • Wellbeing & Monitoring
  • GPS Integration (API capabilities)
  • Gym Session Programming
  • Physical & Medical Testing
  • Growth & Maturation
  • Physical Benchmarking
Athlete/Player Screening

See an overview of screening and testing results.

Training Load Management

View a players session workload, and compare them to others.